Why Dating Is Drudgery

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    A bit of a lengthy read, but here’s an interesting piece from The New Yorker.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



    I read Moira’s book. That and my own dating experiences ended up making me quit dating altogether. It is drudgery. Especially when the guy you’re “dating” disappears on you when you thought things were going well. I figured, if this is how a 32 year old man acts, I’m not interested in one.
    I would love to fall in love and find a steady boyfriend that becomes a wonderful friend and lover, who I can shower with love and attention, but that seems too difficult to find while dating. Dating is this pressure thing where you know the guy is either wasting your time or looking for the mother of his children and both things make me ugh.
    I have no idea if I will ever meet anyone. It seems quite bleak for me at the moment. I think I don’t have the personality nor the stamina dating requires. I’m way too sensitive and I end up anxious and frustrated very easily when these so called dates with men I’m interested in result in nothing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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