How do you handle relatives ?

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    Dear all,

    Here is a new sore point. How do you handle relatives that are married with children and treat you disrespectfully, implying that you are less than able to be trusted with various family matters, that you are less of an adult? Sorry for venting, but I feel really bad, I am not the argumentative type, so I don’t really answer back or stand my ground as I probably should :(



    Funny, I have never had that situation. I am now in my 50s never having been married and never having had children … and I’ve had multiple relatives who have trusted me with theirs on multiple occasions. I’ve done things from changed diapers to taken them to soccer practice.

    I think there are two things that are responsible for this: they know that I am generally a trustworthy person and they have seen how I interact with their kids and how good I am with them.

    I guess it depends upon the specifics of the situation and it’s difficult to give you a recommendation based on what you’ve stated above – maybe if you could provide an example.



    Thank you, eldogg, for your answer, I agree that my post was very vague, but last night I was really annoyed and I probably needed to vent. I know what you mean about being considered a trustworthy person, I have plenty of relatives and friends who I appreciate the way I engage with their children, plus my professional life entails working with people and sometimes with children,so I am pretty comfortable around them and they around me.. The problem stated in my previous post is probably just a case of being given the cold shoulder, a family feud, which has also affected my relationship with the children of the respective adults. Anyway, the idea is that I cannot be myself with the children when the parents are around and I really don’t feel like fighting for the attention and the care of these children although we are very close kin, and that is really, really frustrating and sad :(

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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