I’m a journalist who has written about relationships and personal growth for eighteen years, and I’ve been meditating and studying Buddhist philosophy for about ten years. After I published It’s Not You, several people asked me for coaching on relationships, careers, friendships and life transitions. I found it an extremely fulfilling way to share what I’ve learned.

My coaching philosophy is that most people are much wiser than they realize; my job is to help them connect with that wisdom, which so easily gets buried under all the crap and confusion of modern life.

Here’s what my clients have said:

“Sara’s considered yet warm approach makes you feel as though you are talking to an old friend. Sara listens carefully to your thoughts and experiences and provides honest, compassionate and thoughtful feedback. Sara asks pertinent questions and guides you to come up with practical solutions that you can apply to dating and relationships and to your everyday life. I thoroughly recommend Sara. Her warmth and insight is just what I needed!” – Imogen

“I ended my conversation with Sara feeling more like myself. She helped me sort through all of my expectations and fears and come up with a realistic plan that felt both authentic to me, and manageable. I have struggled with all of the romantic advice out there and often felt judged for the choices I did or didn’t make. With Sara, the opposite was true. I felt validated and understood. Sara helped me to put it all in context. Her style is focused, gentle, and affirming and she has countless resources at her fingertips, all of which were so helpful to me. At the end of the session I felt empowered to take some positive steps as well as reminded of all of the good work I have done so far. I was also reminded of the truth and light I carry, and Sara helped reflect that back to me. I am so very thankful for Sara and what she offers and I so highly recommend taking the opportunity to talk with her!” – Allison

“If you’ve been experiencing hurt or confusion or anxiety in your life, especially in the area of dating, you’ll want to talk to Sara. She has a way of speaking that is both straightforward and soothing, which makes you feel like you’re confiding in a good friend. Unlike other life coaches who may come across as smarmy or cocksure, Sara has a genuine thoughtfulness and sincerity about her that makes it easy for you to open up. I believe wholeheartedness is a rare but extremely valuable quality, so if you’re ready to bravely and sincerely explore your emotions and inner world, Sara will be an excellent guide.” — Vanessa

“I’m maybe the world’s biggest skeptic on the subject of ‘life coaching’ but having the opportunity to talk to someone who wrote one of the most helpful and comforting books I’ve ever read was kind of a no-brainer. In the span of one hour, Sara not only quickly deciphered some of my biggest issues, she also gave me some really helpful and actionable advice. The same day we had our session, I confronted one of the problems I’ve been struggling with for months and surprised myself by making incredible progress. I usually think of myself as a smart and competent person in a lot of areas, but simply could not find my way around this on my own, yet somehow, Sara reframed the issue and, in her exceptionally compassionate way, helped me to figure out an empowering way to confront it successfully. I wasn’t expecting a breakthrough in just one session, but that’s exactly what I got anyway.” — R

“Sara is an exceptionally talented writer who, I’ve come to learn, has the tacit and rare ability to touch people—especially women—both on and off the page. We initially connected over her book tour; our relationship has since grown to that of a coach/client, with Sara’s insight and gentle guidance helping me work through several major life decisions—only to realize (again, with her ‘aha’-type light) that I’ve got this.” — Karyn

“It was so helpful to talk with Sara because I know that she understands what it’s like to be single for many years (b/c I’ve read her book and her story), as I have been single for over 10 years. I felt her empathy, as well as received practical and kind feedback and suggestions. Self-compassion, mindfulness and real world experience informs her coaching and guidance. I really appreciated her support and understanding. She is a needed voice in the sea of bad dating advice and other bad advice, such as: how to improve oneself in order to be open to a love relationship.” — Mary

“Of all the times I talked about a failing relationship over a drink with a friend, there is only one that I know actually helped. It didn’t help just because I was speaking to a woman about a woman, (but guys, think about it, this makes sense), it helped because Sara had been curious enough about relationships to become an authority on them. And she remains curious enough to really listen and ask questions before she shares what she has learned. Hearing what she said, and knowing that she had heard what I said, changed a difficult time into a learning experience; it reignited my own curiosity about my relationships as well as the rest of my life.” — Christopher

My fee is $125 for each one-hour session. If you’re interested please contact me and we’ll talk!

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